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VMG Mako Blade Fin

VMG Mako Blade Fin

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VMG Blades was born out of the “Velocity Made Good” concept. In other words, making the most efficient use of effort towards a goal. The Mako is the ultimate race proven fin. Available in a variety of sizes from 28-55 (square inches).

MAKO 28 
Carbon SUP race fin with maximum agility, cutting the tightest turns, and letting you place your board exactly where you want it.
Style: Maximum Manoeuvrability
Intended Conditions: Built for tight buoy turns
Surf / Open waters
Competition Type: Technical Racing / BOP
Downwind Racing
Surface Area (in2): 28
Weight (g): 115
Length (mm): 190
Width (mm): 150



Stand up paddle fin that is versatile and agile, follows the runners and carves through surf.

Style: Ultimate downwinding
Intended Conditions: Follows the runners
Versatile and agile
Competition Type: Downwind / Marathons
Best All Rounder
Surface Area (in2): 37
Weight (g): 152
Length (mm): 210
Width (mm): 180



Stand up paddle race fin that gives you confidence, when the going gets rough.

Style: Rough condition stabiliser
Intended Conditions: Stabilises your ride
Rough water
Challenging chop
Competition Type: Challenging Endurance
Surface Area (in2): 44
Weight (g): 164
Length (mm): 240
Width (mm): 180
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