Hello. Today I took delivery of 2022 Starboard Generation carbon top. The shipment was perfect and arrived in great condition. Beautiful board! Looking forward to trying it out soon. Thanks!

Brett from Brooklyn, MI

If you are in the market for a paddle board, this is the place to go! Knowledgeable staff and boards for all levels.

Heather P.

We love this shop. It is such an excellent example of a wonderful family business that has very high quality service. They worked with us for over a year to order and send us the paddle boards that we really wanted. Then they helped us through amazing difficulties in getting them shipped to us here in Nicaragua as we wait out the pandemic. Thank you so very much to the whole crew. We love our paddleboards and can't thank them enough.

Catherine D.

The owners and staff are excellent. They stock an extensive number of paddle boards. You can demo boards on the lake across the street. This is the place to go for paddle boards.

Bruce K.

I wanted to tell you that My husband's surprise arrived in perfect condition. I cannot believe how light the board is and am wishing it were all mine! I am so excited to see the look on his face when he comes home today. Thank you guys for all of your help Cris in choosing the right board!!


"My new NSP Ninja is the forth SUP I’ve purchased from Paddleboard Specialists in the past four years. In all cases I feel like the advice I’ve received has been excellent, with good prices and excellent customer service. Cris has always been great on follow up, and has aided my progression of wanting high end, high performance equipment. Being fairly large at 6’ 2” 195 lbs., and older at 74, makes for some interesting challenges, but each step along my progression has been very good when compounded by my living in rural Colorado and thus unable to test equipment prior to purchase. The new Ninja has amazing speed and glide, and will be a board I can continue to grow into for the future. Cris, thanks again for your help and support."

Lee from Colorado

Received the Blackfish on Friday. Perfect! Pure stoke. Mahalo again for the excellent service.

Kyle from HI

I appreciate your business and how you partner with your customers. I have been in business a long time and this is the way I always want our sales team to work with customers. Thank you, again, Cris! Our family will continue to use your business for all of our SUP needs!

Customer service is key here. Cris Rosario and his staff are committed to ensuring a great experience on and off the water. If you are seeking people with follow through service, this is the place. You can buy a board anywhere, but it's not the purchase that matters, It's what comes afterwards. I cannot recommend Paddleboard Specialists highly enough for their expertise and handling of customers. Keep up the great work!
Theresa S.

You are helping start a journey that was one day thought of, and the beginning of that dream is now a reality. Continue to follow the vibe and it will guide you always. My full experience with Paddleboard Specialists is extraordinary.

Danny (Chapel Hill, NC)

I just wanted to take the time & thank you once again. These SIC boards are Awesome! Thank you for your great customer service.

Maureen and Stan (Port Jefferson)

I received the board today in perfect condition ! Going to Santa Cruz tomorrow to test it. Thanks again !

Stefan (Sacramento)

It was a pleasure doing business with you and Paddleboard Specialists. I appreciate all the advice and look forward to returning as a customer in the future and sending more people your way once they try out our SUPs and want their own! Again, many thanks. Best, Dudley (Washington D.C.)

Thanks for all of your help! I took the board out last week and it was great! The front stroke really helped me turn quicker. Evan (Madison, WI)

It hasn't even been 2 months since I got the hypernut, and I'm convinced it is everything I wanted in a board and more. It's the perfect fit for me. I just got home from a session at Cardiff by the Sea, here in San Diego, and it was magical. I'm ripping in anything from 2 to 10 foot faces. The board is an incredible combination between reactive and stability. The outline, bottom concaves and channel make it so easy to enter the wave get on a plane and rip with incredible stability, all in one, if that makes any sense:)) It's worth every penny I spent on it..........the board is so amazing I think Starboard should charge more.......but one can't know this until one rides it. Additionally, it is really well made. Starboard really out did themselves this year! I'm very proud and excited to be able to own it...... And grateful:))))

Marie, California

I loved your newsletter discussing the bottom design of the boards and the new SIC FX. I've tried it and love it. Plus, I loved your discussion all the more. Keep it up. I gotta get on that Vapor and give it a go.

Andre Niemeyer

All is good. This is my first inflatable and I was far short of my estimate of 10 psi. Really amazed at the stiffness of the board (Naish SupONE). Can't wait to get it out on the water. As usually you guys have been great with your support and advice. Sending everyone I know your way.

Steve from Prospect, KY

I wanted to let you know that I love the new (Quickblade) V-Drive. The difference between the V-Drive and my Kialoa Insanity paddle was more dramatic than the difference between my BlkBox Uno and NRS inflatable. In the last couple weeks I've taken it Tahoe, the Mendocino Coast plus many hours on my local river. Works great in every condition so far. Thanks again for your recommendations.

- Matt from Sacramento, CA

I am so pleased with the SIC! (X14 Pro Lite) You were absolutely correct, the narrower and lighter board has not only increased my speed but also my general enjoyment on the water. In addition, my shoulder pain has diminished. It takes less work to get the board moving and a minimal effort to keep it gliding.

Thank you so much for your expertise and the time you spent helping me find a good fit. Hope to meet you in person at a future race. Warmest regards,

Susan from South Carolina

What a beautiful board! (Blk Box Sidewinder 14' custom)
Just glides and great tracking even against the wind! I know I will get hours of paddling pleasure with this board. Maybe win a race or two :-)

Thank you
Diana from Austin, TX

Big thanks again for being so accommodating when I drove up to purchase the 14' Bark Dominator AST last week. Great experience! I finally got to try it out last night. It was awesome. Tracked great, super glide...did 5 miles in under an hour with little effort. No stability issues, and it seems up to the task of carrying my big frame. Extremely pleased after one paddle. Looking forward to many more!

Thanks again. Really hope I run into you guys somewhere down the road.

All the best.
James from Warsaw, Indiana

Thanks for the great board!!!

Eric H. from Madison, WI

You've got to be kidding me. I ordered the boards on a Tuesday and here it is Thursday morning 11am and the FedEx guy is at my door with both boards.......

Now that's fast, faster than the time it took me to decide which boards to buy.

Got to love it, thanks!

Marty from New York

The Awesome Bark D2

My D2 arrived on Monday, two days early! I went out yesterday and flew through 6 miles! Definitely a faster board with a great glide! So fast , that the fish are concerned I might out swim them! I love the V drive paddle also, the shape allows a more vertical stroke and definitely minimizes any wobbling of the paddle.
Thank you for everything!

Chris from Virginia

Really enjoying the performance of the UNO 14'. It has speed, tracking, easy to carry. I feel very stable on the 26.25 deck, it goes thru waves and catches waves the best of the 15 boards that I have had. Just a real all around great board. Thanks for talking me into it as I had my reservations about the width but you know your products well. Today I went 3 miles into a strong outgoing tide and light East wind then back with the wind & tide. There were wirlpools and everything was flying by, never went this fast on any SUP and heard some noise behind me, looked back and saw the wake coming off the back of the board-never experienced that before.

Sincerely, Russ from Mattituck, NY

Hello Guys, Just wanted to let you know that I received my QB Trifecta yesterday. Measured it out and it is exactly the size we had discussed. Now I need to get it out and check what the paddle can do for me. Maybe it is a magic stick that will take my paddling skills to the next level and make me go on the water more often.

Thanks again for the wonderful purchase experience.

Kind regards,
Rahul from Georgia

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Your courtesy is truly appreciated.
You can be sure that the decency and consideration you and Paddleboard Specialists have shown me will be conveyed to everyone I have the opportunity to do so.

Charlie from Florida

Just wanted to tell you that I took the (SIC) X-14 out on its maiden voyage yesterday. Despite it being just the first outing, I can say with certainty that I LOVE IT. I was amazed at how many strokes you could take on the same side while still tracking straight! That “slippery” glide that you referred to in your video review of the board is truly mesmerizing. A passing boater even remarked "you're getting some good speed with that thing." There was light chop and a 10-12 knot breeze (see the attached frame grab), so I can only imagine what this board will do on a really flat, glassy day.

Other notes: the carry/grab handle is fantastic; combined with the board’s light weight, it makes maneuvering it out of my garage and onto the car (and onto the launch site) really easy. I used the 90 sq. in. Quickblade paddle that you suggested, and found that I could paddle with a much higher cadence than I could with my older, heavier, larger-bladed one.

You probably receive several reports like this on a weekly basis, from highly satisfied clients, but I wanted to thank you once again for the expert advice.

Javier from Hampton, VA

The (Blk Box) Uno (14' x 26.25") is freaking AMAZING!

David from Bishop, CA

Thanks again !! For all the help .. You and your store are the best around.
Please let me know if you guys ever need a Chicago reference.

Andy from Winnetka, Il

Board, paddle, pump & fin arrived safe and sound - very many thanks.

I’ll be trying it out on the UK’s "Heritage Coast" down in Dorset then Greece's Mani Peninsula in July which I am really, really excited about.

Very best wishes.
Andrew from Heritage Coast, UK

Wanted to let you know that I received my board today and I am one happy camper. The shipping came to my home with not a mark of cut or tear. When I opened the board, it looked awesome. (Starboard All Star brushed carbon) The blue pops out and I cannot wait to put it in the water to take it for a spin.

Thanks once again for bearing with me and my questions over the 3 month period. I hope I was not troubling you too much with my questions on various products that you have to offer.

I look forward to doing more business with you in the future.

Kind regards,
Rahul from Georgia

Wow what a wealth of knowledge you bring to this industry, and more importantly to the consumer.

Steve from Indianapolis, IN.

I thought you guys might enjoy this - I bought an Exocet WindSup 11'8 from you guys 2 years ago, and it's been a phenomenal crossover board. It's been paddled and windsurfed on multiple lakes in at least 5 different states, and it's been a blast every time. However, I thought it deserved a new look. Enjoy the new and improved WindSup, with prominent logo work from my favorite SUP shop!

Brandon Rochester, MN

I just received my 11ft RRD Wassup SUP board. I freakin love it!!! I wish I ordered this board first instead of the other one I had!!! Built better, classic lines, and all around great board!

You guys packaged the board great! Took me a couple minutes to unpack it, but it arrived unharmed! I want to thank you for all the advice and help you provided in my previous emails. Also to thank you for the fast, courteous service you have provided while I ordered this board! 5 stars across the board. I am highly recommending you guys to all friends and random people that ask about SUP boards!

Thanks again!

Very satisfied customer,
Daniel from Oxnard, CA


GT Tour 11' - This board is much more than you expect
We bought a pair of these touring boards one 11 and one 12 after doing some extensive research for a good board that we could use around the lakes. Before buying, I tested a bunch or other boards. From cheap Costco brands to higher end Amundson, Bark, RRD, Imagine and JP brands. This was definitely the best I could get for the price. The board is still shaped well, vacuum bagged, well constructed, and durable. The cheaper boards felt flimsy and flex too much in the water and on chop making the ride uncomfortable and unstable. This board rides like a high end touring/race board but is just a bit slower because it’s wider which simply means, more stable. When buying a board the first thing you need to decide is if you want the displacement or planning hull. They ride different so make your selection right. We went displacement because all the planning hulls sucked for long distance in lake chop. We also wanted a board where we can take out our 2 yr old and 4 year old with us. The GT board is perfect for that. It is thick enough that they do not have to get wet if they don’t want too, plus stable enough to take the kids around without being scared that they will fall in. I’ll be using this board even in cold waters since I can tour around without getting all wet. The shape is awesome. It displaces water well and keeps up speed in the chop. Very well thought. The board feels fast and although some narrower race boards are obviously faster, the added width gives me more stability for taking the kids and it is still much faster than a planning hull shape. I am very happy with the purchase and would recommend the board to anyone looking for a high quality, well shaped board that’s stable. Plus the GT brand is simply a shop brand. Made by the same high end shaper/s and manufacturing facility. So you save on having to pay the marketing of all the well known brands. Just like shop skateboard decks that are identical to pro-models but cheaper because you’re not paying for a brand name. All in all, I highly recommended it!


A great day on Lake Tahoe with Wendy and her board. (RRD Arrow 12'6" LTD) She loves it and is so confident on it. 8+ miles today down the west shore and into Emerald Bay - lots of wakes to deal with and some wind on the nose heading back (it almost always blows the other way!)

She's in love with the board. On the coast, in the lake - she calls it the perfect choice!

Chris from California

The kids loved it. William is 6 and paddled the length of Middleton Beach Road in a fairly brisk wind and our 10 year old went along the shore line from Middleton Beach all the way to my parents on Highway M in rough waters on the 4th!!

Renee from Waunakee, WI

Thank you!

The board arrived yesterday, was carefully removed and thoroughly inspected. The “original” board was safely packaged and on its way.

You’re a hero for the way that you’ve addressed this with us. The smile on Wendy’s face when she walked down to see the board out safely on the board was something I wish you could’ve seen. I think I’ll do my best to capture the one that she gets when she paddles the board for the first time. I’ll definitely send a report (or have her do the same!) I wish we could’ve been out last night.

We’ll take some time this weekend to put a testimonial out for you anywhere we can think to put it. Thanks for a great customer experience.

Chris and Wendy from Watsonville, CA.

Thanks for all the help for your expertise on buying 3 boards. We are very happy on our board selection and shipping it to Texas. The board came with no damage off any kind because of how you wrapped and shipped them. Buying high performance boards isn't easy with all the boards to choose from and it was made easy dealing with Jon. I recommend this place for Buying stand up paddle boards. It was a pleasure from beginning to end using your experts.

Thank you from Mexico.

Andy Bien Viaje

The board arrived today as scheduled. (Naish Nalu 10'6.5" GS) When I unwrapped it I found it to be in perfect condition.

Thank you for your help with the delivery process. It couldn't have been easier.

The board is beautiful. I can't wait to get it in the water.

Best wishes to you and Gary.

Ed from Old Lyme, CT

Thanks again for all your help with this order. I wanted to let you know that the board made it to Bermuda in one piece. I picked it up yesterday and took her for her maiden voyage. I would say that the Amundson is incredibly fast and stable with really good tracking and glide. Thanks again for all your help with the purchase of my new paddleboard, your website and the information you provide to me over the phone was extremely helpful in making my decision to purchase the Amundson with no regrets. You stand true to your company name - Paddleboard Specialists.

Best Regards,
Hans from Bermuda.

I called Paddleboard Specialists, in a large part because of all the reviews they publish on YouTube. Much to my surprise, Gary picked up the phone. After getting over the basics (height, weight, age, etc) we discussed my needs and wants, and what I would primarily be using the board for. I ended up buying the Naish Glide 14' GX, and received the board on Long Island 2 work days after my purchase (!) The packaging was, hands down, the best I've ever seen. I've spent about 8 hours on the board, in a variety of conditions, and the Glide GX is perfectly suited for who I am and what I do. I could not be any happier about the board, and about dealing with Paddleboard Specialists. I will definitely put them at the top of my list when I am in the market for my next board.

Marc from Long Island, NY

Shelby used her paddle yesterday for the first time. (Quickblade Microfly kids paddle) Watching her on the board moving through the water on her own was such an incredible experience for me and her excitement was so fulfilling. I can’t say enough about how cool the paddle is and how much fun she had. Shelby had such a natural stroke and love of this sport I look forward to watching her growth. The Microfly is SO COOL!

Tanya from Mamaronek, NY

Thanks! You are the single best SUP source of information and service in the industry. All the best.

Bob from Rye, NY

I just handed Shelby her paddle (Quickblade Microfly adjustable) and I wish you all could have seen her face filed with such excitement and joy. She took hold of it and said I can't wait till we can paddle. Thank you! I can't wait to share this sport with Shelby. She will paddle for life. (Shelby is Tanya’s young daughter)

Tanya from Mamaronek, NY

I wanted to take a minute to thank you and your staff for a great experience buying our new Naish One 12’6”. I have been looking for a new inflatable for my wife for a bit and first talked with Cris on the phone. He was super helpful and very knowledgeable. My second experience was with you also on the phone the morning we came to see you. Again, you were very helpful in solidifying our thoughts on which board to purchase. Lastly when we arrived we were helped by Patrick who finished the sale with us. He helped us chose a paddle and cut and fit it for us.

Thank you very much again. You have a great staff and I was truly impressed with the service which we received. We will be back to purchase a new paddle for myself. I have been telling everyone about the experience we had so hopefully they will start heading your way soon!



I was able to get out on my new paddle board (RRD Arrow 12’6” LTD) twice in the past week and love it! As you promised, both the board and paddle are incredibly light. The paddle is remarkable (Quickblade Flyweight all carbon) - absolutely no fatigue in my arms after an hour of paddling. The board glides and tracks so much better than the equipment I have been on previously.

Thanks for all your help. The board is beautiful as well as quick, and just as promised. If I can get to Madison this summer, I will definitely take you up on your offer to join you for a paddle session.

Jeff from Springfield, IL

Well I got to spend some time on the Uno this past weekend & all i can say is wow!. This board is so stable! I started my paddle directly into a head wind of about 15 knots for about 2.25 miles followed by a nice little downwind back. Then paddled east with a cross chop at my 5:00 for a couple of miles & then into Richmond Creek for about a mile of mostly flat water. What really got me was the way back , I had the wind with gusts now up to 20 knots & a 1.5 ft chop at my 11:00. I took my time having to paddle with the waves at my side because I would not make good headway directly into the wind. I was able to balance & control this board standing the whole time. My feet never felt like they had to bite into the board for stability , I felt as one with the board.

Mike from Cutchogue NY

I love my new Quick Blade Microfly Adjustable Paddle! My stroke is smoother than when I used an adult size blade and it is more compatible with my size. This paddle is great for anyone my age! Thanks for your expert help!!!!

Chloe' from Wisconsin

Thanks so much for improving things for me. I am having all kinds of fun with my Astro inflatable 12.6 touring board. It is the perfect travel board for my wife and I. I am also in love with the Naish 3pc adjustable paddle, great blade. Once again your advice and service was spot on.

Paul from Ontario, Canada

Just got the new pump and it worked perfectly. In fact it was really easy to get the board pumped up to 18psi. Thanks so much for improving things for me. I am having all kinds of fun with my Astro inflatable 12.6 touring board. It is the perfect travel board for my wife and I. I am also in love with the Naish adjustable paddle, great blade. Once again your advice and service was spot on.

Paul in Ontario, Canada

Hey Guys, Got my 11'10 Source. Beautiful board. Can't wait to get the dogs trained for a paddle. I did want to compliment you guys on the packing of the boards. Very well done!! The shipper did a good job also. Not a single tear or hole in the box.
Thanks again

Mike from Cypress, TX

A big thanks to Paddleboard Specialists for making this happen. Best SUP customer service in the U.S. hands down.

Ed from Florida

Got both boards today! Thanks for the follow up and gotta say, great packing. Love the double box for added protection.

Can't wait to get my board wet.

Alejandro from Florida

Just wanted to say thank you for all of your help and expertise today with picking the right board for me. (Surftech Laird Bark 14’ Tuflite)
Thanks again for all of your help!

Brandon from Gerogia

You rock!!!!. Just picked up the ace and it was lighter than my board, even with all the cardboard and packaging! Thanks again. You have a customer for life now!

Ed from Panama City, Florida

Thanks again for your help with choosing and sending my QB flyweight paddle last season, as you predicted it's really changed my paddling.

Floyd from British Columbia, Ca

The boards are amazing!!! (RRD inflatable Air Cruiser) Thanks for the help! 8 miles into our paddle today, stopped just outside of Bill Braggs St Park, Key Biscayne, Fl.

Carrie from Wisconsin

Gary. Thank you for following up. You obviously have the respect of your suppliers and I think you know that I have the upmost respect for you, your staff, and the way you run your business. I will be posting some comments on this experience. (our team assisted in getting a replacement board bag for Nigel)

Again, many thanks
Warm regards
Nigel from Torrance, CA

I just wanted to thank you again for all your help with my order. I can honestly say I have never had such a great purchasing experience and I thank you for that. I cannot wait to get the board (SIC X 14 SCC) and hope I love it. I will gladly recommend your business and do so on your site and all public social networks which will help as I do that for a living.

John from Pennsylvania

Just wanted you to know I LOOOOVVVEE!! my new SIC board..... wow it is fast and so nice to paddle. I am so happy with it.
I shall send you a photo.


I must confess that I had some serious misgivings about selling the last board I bought from you (that I loved) in order to purchase your Blk Box demo (14 x 26.5”) but I was so tempted by your video review, our phone conversation and the price that I rolled the dice. I have been up for three nights in a row with a neck / shoulder injury, am exhausted and to top it off it is a cold, windy day here in Nashville. Not the sort of circumstances that saw me confident to try out a new board that is 1.5 " narrower than my previous board but it took about four strokes to determine that I did the right thing, what a wonderful board!

The board feels super lively, not tippy but lively like it is a part of you, it lays on rail beautifully, is silent in flat water (feels like you are floating an inch above the water), the tail release is perfect, the cockpit is roomy and perfectly laid out, it is super fast with great glide… in other words, I absolutely love it! This is the third board I have purchased from you and you have always been spot-on with your advice. I think I was so shocked that I never thanked you properly so thank you very much! You and your staff are first rate folks to deal with and I really appreciate you guys.
Best Regards,

Sam from Naishville, TN

Hey, wanted to let you know I am totally stoked on my X-14! I’m real happy with the purchase, thanks for the great service and advice.

William from Phoenix

I just got my Blk Box board. (14 x 28” race all carbon) It is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! I haven't put the fin in it yet, but that is AMAZING too

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your help and service.

Cherie from Minnesota

Everything was received last Friday and in good condition. Hauled it all to the boat this weekend and had a blast! Both of us took to the SUP immediately and enjoyed the tranquility of creeks near our anchorage; much easier to sneak up on the wildlife without a noisy dinghy outboard.

BTW - all the equipment you suggested is spot-on!

Best Regards, Mike from Washington DC

The board just arrived, WOW that was fast delivery to NJ! Just in time for the long weekend. Thanks again for your help in choosing the board and the paddle. Great prices, good advice and fast shipping, I know why you have been in business since 1984, great job. I will refer your shop to my friends.
Thanks again,

Brad from NJ.

Got the board today, (3 days ahead of schedule and in perfect condition). Got it on the water of Lake Tahoe immediately and it was better than advertised.

My Thanks to everyone at Paddleboard Specialists.

Bill Walker - Edmonds, WA

Thank you so much, Chris, for recommending the Amundson TRX-14, and to Gary, for recommending the Epic board bag. The board arrived within days and had bombproof packaging. I LOVE THE TRX-14! It glides and tracks really well, is super-stiff, and handled the large power boat wakes I encountered yesterday with ease. I loved how the deck shed water so easily and the nose either sliced through or glided over those wakes. Since I've had, unfortunately, windless days lately, I kept seeking out those wakes because the board was so confidence-inspiring. A 10-mile paddle went by very quickly! I can't wait for some windy days on the lake to ride those swells, and also the opportunity to get it out on the bay or ocean. The board is light enough for me to easily load it on my roof rack without assistance.

Your friendliness and customer service are second to none. I will make sure to turn to you for all my future paddling needs.

Wendy in eastern PA

Hey Guys, I just wanted to take a second to let you know how pleased I am after having purchased my Starboard Astro 14' SUP from you. First, you shipped it about five days faster than I would have expected. I was really hoping I would be able to take my new toy on a trip the following week and it came so fast I was able to take it for a test ride locally and get up to speed. Second, I had an issue with the fin that came with the board being too short and the pump and/or gauge not being consistent with 18 psi and Chris handled my request with the supplier and a new fin and pump are on their way! Excellent service and excellent product. I couldn't be more happy and I want to thank you for taking such good care of me. I would expect nothing less from Wisconsin people! Thank you again. Talk to you when I buy my next board(s).
Paddling My Ass Off,

Bruce - Arizona

I wanted to get back to you regarding my recent board purchase. (SIC X-14) The delivery worked great. Board was in great shape. I have been out on it 3 times now and love it. It tracks and glides great. Supper stable, I forget I am on a board and it allows me to settle into a great rhythm and work on my stroke technique. I think this tracking and stability is perfect for me. I love the Quick Blade that you suggested and I am very pleased that we went with the added flex.

Thanks so much for your help and execution on this. I am going away for a week at the end of August and I will be paddling every day on my board on some secluded northern lakes and rivers I can’t wait.

Paul from Kanata, Ontario

I mentioned when we spoke the other day that I took my wife and son down to Florida this weekend. I wound up going to both the Bote and YOLO shops. Both shops were very nice and I saw a lot of beautiful standup paddle boards. However, I believe in honoring the people who service you best, and that is you. They were not really prepared to offer the same level of customer service that I found in dealing with you. As a result, I only want to deal with you on the purchase of a paddleboard or hopefully two.

Brett - Mississippi

I wanted to put the BlkBox through the paces before I responded and now it's official: I'm super stoked! Looks great, slides through the water, and is stable in conditions that would have pitched me off my Waterman. And the board flies: I raced it three times last week and took 2nd place overall in each event with a PR by a substantial margin on each course. The board turned heads and garnered a huge of interest; I wouldn't be surprised if you start seeing more MN orders down the line.

Brian - Minnesota

I just wanted to write to Thank you for the quick shipping of the Naish Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board I ordered. I placed the order on July 3, I was uncertain on the "free Shipping" as to when I would receive the board. I was willing to pay extra to expedite the order. The board was shipped on July 5 & got it the following Thursday Just in time for the weekend, Awesome! I got a lot of comments on the board, it was gliding through the choppy South Lake Union waters full of boaters. The Naish SUP has bypassed my expectations!

Thank you again and have fun!

Trish - Seattle, WA

Picked up my set up last week and can't get enough of SUP. Thanks for offering such a great selection of products and for excellent service.


Hi,I just wanted to let you know the paddle boards are perfect. I know I am not supposed to look at the board when I paddle but it was nice to hang out on such a beautiful board yesterday. They are also completely manageable for us and our teenagers but I love the speed compared to the other boards I have tried.
Thanks again!


I just came back from an evening sunset/moonlight paddle on the inside of the Little Sound and Buck Island with the whistling frogs echoing across the water. The board slips through silently on a gentle cruise and all the sounds are uninterrupted.

You advised the perfect choice. The stronger tuff lite material was a must for me as I launch off of the rocks, it is really really stable and I can play with my positioning with ease but it obviously is built on that racing style that allows you to push hard when you want and get home fast or just have the satisfaction of some speed.

All in all thanks for the time you took to advise me until I had settled on the right one and then to patiently keep it to yourself that my wife had contacted you.
Take care,

Philippe from Bermuda

The gear arrived this morning in perfect condition. I was able to take it out for a bit this afternoon at montrose beach, great fun. That paddle is amazingly light! I'm looking forward to playing in the surf with this board. Thanks for your advice and suggestions
kind regards,

Alan from Chicago

Thanks you so much for the New Starboard. Still getting used to it but it feels great. For right now instead of looking where I’m going I am admiring the graphics and discovering all the very unique details. It is a very beautiful board. The new rack pads worked well and will be very useful I’m glad I upgraded from pipe insulation. Thank you again and looking forward to seeing you soon on the water

Beth from Oconomowoc, Wi

You have been the MOST helpful over the years & I ask many people advice. Your advice is GOLDEN

Suzi from Arizona

I am super impressed with the board. I christened it with a 21km paddle this morning on our Swan River and the board was everything I could have hoped for, plus more.

Thanks heaps guys,

Thomas from Australia

The board was delivered yesterday lunch time (that was really quick) The board and paddle looks amazing, I am totally stoked, just by the look at it! The pics don't do it justice online. Looking forward to getting it wet later today. Thanks for making this an easy transaction. All the best,


I've been river surfing all winter on the Potomac and this new Quickblade Flyweight is great. I think the key to the perfect river surfing specific paddle is a small blade and 3-4" shorter than a touring paddle. I've noticed with my larger paddle blades, it's hard to achieve the cadence needed to fight through boils to get into the wave. This smaller blade is perfect.

Thanks for the great customer service.

Eric from Fairfax, Va

The eagle has landed today. I think our customs and border control incarcerated my board at something like a SUP board detention centre suspecting some kind of illicit contraband importation scheme and I'm afraid the board may have even undergone a body cavity search and x ray… :) So, thanks for the help - I'm stoked and cant wait to get it on water on Saturday.
Take care

Thomas from Australia

Everything arrived today, and it all made it in good shape. That was some packaging for the boards! Once I finally got the boards unpackaged, I placed them in the SUP bags, and they fit like a glove. Thank you for your assistance in selecting the equipment, and for the safe delivery.

Bill from Greeneville, TN

OMG what a difference a new board makes! I am completely impressed (blown away) with this board.(Jamie Mitchell Navigator 14’ Pro Elite) and this FCS bag is everything I imagined a board bag should be.
Beyond my expectations on both products.

Thanks again for all the hassle, and sticking up for your customers.

Thanks again,
Jim from Michigan

I want to say thanks again for your continued help. I have been to a lot of SUP stores in SoCal and the one we have in Austin and have never received this level of service or expertise!

Mary from Texas

Just to let you know that I got my new board today. It took some time, but it's exactly what I wanted!! Model, color and size.
Thank you very, very much for all your efforts to get my dream board!!! I know it wasn't easy. You guys are The Best!! There are no words to describe your professionalism, passion and desire to meet your customers desires!

Pedro from

Aloha Gary, I wanted to thank you again for your sage advice in paddle selection. Very fun to have your experienced help!

Floyd from Kelowna, BC

I just got back from the Worlds in Cabo and am really excited. Elizabeth, my wife Julie and I had a great time and met some awesome people. I did manage to win the Over 50 group in the course race which was a tough grind in 15-18 knots of wind, 5, .75 mile laps. Our group was pretty big and had some good guys so I was very happy with the result. I used the new Quickblade paddle (tapered oval shaft Elite Race) which I think was a big advantage in the tough upwind conditions.
I cannot imagine that I will ever get another chance to win something like this and I just wanted to let you know how much we have appreciated your enthusiasm, support and advice over the last couple of years to make a day dream actually come true.

John from Seattle

My paddleboard arrived this morning just as the shippers had promised by phone yesterday! Packing was excellent and everything arrived in perfect, and beautiful, shape. This entire transaction turned out very well. This board is gorgeous.

Bill from Moneta, VA.

Thanks again for your recommendation! The Amundson TR-X2 is an awesome board, and I was very impressed with its glide on the smooth water I had today.

Steve from Fort Collins, Colorado

I just picked up my Dominator. It was beautifully packaged and arrived without a scratch. You probably do not remember but over that past couple of years you have discussed boards with me on several occasions. You have always been very patient and gracious in your responses and your knowledge of the product surpasses that of the competition. I am in an industry that is rife with sales folk when in my opinion it should be rife with caring professionals who take pride in providing superior knowledge and service. I feel that if your head and heart are in the right place you will never have to "close a sale" to have tons of clients. I get the impression that you approach your business the same way and I really appreciate the wonderful service you have provided and am extremely stoked to have finally purchased a board from you.
Very Best Regards,

Sam from Naishville, TN

The Naish Nalu I’ve got from you last year is beyond any expectations. Awesome workout on flat water and fun on small to medium waves. Thanks for great advice you gave me. (as usual)

Erik from New York

Tell Chris thanks for his help talking me through the board – it is exactly what I was looking for. (Amundson TRX 14') In addition, his soap solution rail tape video made installation a breeze. Delivery was perfect – the driver waited around and helped me unbox it to check for damage – no issues at all. Thanks again.

Mike from Pennsylvania

We received the paddleboards in perfect condition. We had a wonderful first weekend out on the boards and look forward to many many more!
Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into our order, it is truly appreciated. You were so accommodating and helpful. A++ customer service.

Amy from New York City

My wife is really excited. You were very helpful in the process and I really appreciate the time you took to help me figure out exactly which board was the right one.

Jack from New York

Thanks for the suggestion! This board rocks!! I'll be writing up my "review" to post on ur FB page and Standupzone. But wanted to tell u first. All u said was true, the board is very quick and tracks nicely. What amazed me was, after two laps, I started goofing around w pivot turns, the kind we discussed. They are sooooo much easier on this than my Hobie. I did NOT expect that. I think due to the boards stability, u can step back twice, raise the nose and just pivot easily. Never worried about falling. Thanks again Gary and if I don't "medal" in my next race, I'll buy u a case of beer. If I do, I'll buy u one. :-)

Erich from Grayslake, Il

You're video reviews have been tremendously helpful and it's great to do business with you.

Evan from Darien, CT.

Wow!!!! What an experience. Thank you so so much for taking the time and going paddling with me. You gave me tips that I would never have received from anyone. You have made my experience so incredible in this sport from the day I purchased my board from you. Again, thanks.

Jonathan from Dallas, TX

The 12'6" Laird Bark is awesome! By far the best board I have ever been on!! Not only does it feel good, the proof is on the GPS.

Thomas from Lutz, Florida

I love the Raven. I really appreciate the time you took with me. It was a great way to go.

Tom from Wayne, PA.

The paddle is GREAT! (Quickblade Elite SSI 38) So much lighter and efficient! I feel I can go twice as long.

Pam from New Mexico

Thanks again for your amazing customer service and help in getting our paddle boards out here. We had our first Colorado paddle since leaving Florida earlier this week and just loved being back on water, and love the Tahoe boards.
Thanks again,
Brian and Rachel from Colorado

For the record, your product knowledge, pricing, and customer service are exceptional. It started with Dirk answering my after hours call. Even though his expertise was in sailboards, he went above and beyond to help me.
In completing my order, you had just the right advice for me (the right rail tape). Your detail with the shipping aspect was far above "normal" customer care. At the end of the day, I knew that if things weren't right, you would make them right, in spite of us being 2,000 miles apart. To be honest, I wish your shop was located here in Seattle.

Jeff from Seattle, Washington

How awesome! Thanks so much for your help and advice - I endorse you everywhere people ask. (or don't) You do business well and you're nice, too!

Pam from Albuquerque, New Mexico

I am loving the Hobie Elite 12'6" I bought from you! What a perfect match for me!

Pam from New Mexico

Just to let you know that the new Quickblade Kanaha AC is fantastic, the 90 feels great to me and your advice has been extremely useful. Excellent service from you guys!

Pedro from Portugal

I went for a good long paddle with the new Grand Prix over the weekend. Super paddle. Great blade design, really light, and just enough flex to ease the pressure on the joints but not lose any of the power in the stroke.
Thanks for all the help.

David from Boston

The Starboard made it to Incline Village. What a packing job! It was untouched.

James from Incline Village, Nevada

Thanks for your continued advice, help and support. It really has been great to rely on someone in the biz with an unbiased approach.

Peter from Longmeadow, Ma.

Just wanted to let you know I got my new Quickblade paddle and it is PERFECT! I love it.

Michael from San Diego

Just received my 14ft Bark Laird today! Looks awesome and thank you for double boxing the board! Can't wait to take it out. Great experience working with the guys from Paddleboard Specialists.


You’re the best! I had no problem paying due to the fact you are not just pushing merchandise but giving expert advice. I chose to purchase from you because you responded so well to all my questions. You will be seeing more from me.

Many Thanks,
Tim from Sterling, VA

My board arrived yesterday without a scratch-I went for a sunrise paddle this morning for its maiden voyage and was elated with the stability and glide. Please thank Gary and all at Paddleboard Specialists for the great service and knowledge.

Best Regards,
Scott from FL

I received my board yesterday, it's beautiful. I'm excited to get out on it this weekend if it doesn't snow. Thanks again for you help in getting the right board.
Steve from East Wenatchee, Washington

Thanks for getting my order out the door so fast. I really appreciate how you guys have taken care of me both with this order and the one before. Can’t wait to get on the water!!
Steve from Lockport, NY

Many thanks for your help as always. I have referred some colleagues here to your website for Starboard and Hobie sup's.
Josue from Carolina, Puerto Rico

I'm excited! Thanks! Its been really easy to deal with you folks. In the surfing world it seems to take manufacturers and retailers weeks to respond. You're on it within minutes.
Keith from San Juan Capistrano, California

I wanted to commend you and your store on the order I recently placed with you, for my Werner Fuse bent-shaft paddle. The price was great, it arrived here quickly, in perfect condition – and it’s awesome.
Thanks for the great service.
Donna from Navarre, Florida

Thanks for all your time and expertise! (Keith just ordered a Starboard Ace 14)
Keith from San Juan Capistrano, CA.

Thank you for all your help as well as clearing up the confusion. You epitomize customer service...I WILL be a return customer!
Mike from Bridgetown, Barbados

Wow, that was fast! Thanks very much. The part fits perfectly!
Megan from Key West, Florida