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404 LTD2 Carbon 2023

404 LTD2 Carbon 2023

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404 revamped the LTD II for 2023. They loved the versatility of the original LTD so we kept the low profile, the outline, and the shallow dugout of the original LTD. They then redesigned the hull to include a moderate concave, thicker tail, and a redesigned sharper entry to the nose in order to help reduce drag and increase efficiency.

What they ended up with is an all New LTD. The new LTD II, is a great All-round sup race board. In flat water the LTD II accelerates easier and faster than before. The new hull design helps the paddler carry speed and momentum from one stroke to the next with ease. The new tail design increases stability while paddling and during turns. The LTD II is ideal for Surf racing, Technical Racing, and a variety of windy and bumpy ocean conditions. This high-end, versatile race board is so user friendly it can be paddled by professional racers, as well as entry-level racers.

If you're new to racing the LTD II will get you up to speed. If you're a seasoned pro, the LTD II will help you reach your paddling Goals.


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