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If you're in the market for a super high performance paddle Werner and Quickblade make the highest quality paddles on the planet. At Paddleboard Specialists we stock a wide range of sup paddles and our staff is incredibly knowledgeable about the differences  ... read more

The Quickblade Trifecta and V-Drive paddles are two of the finest performance stand up paddles available today. They are available in a variety of blade sizes with a variety of different shafts depending upon your specific needs. Quickblade's Jim Terrell lives and breathe ... read more

This is a must see video. We all travel with our paddles and at some point accidents will happen. In this video Jim goes into the causes that ultimately lead to shaft failure. Please take time to watch and remember to protect your paddle from sharp impacts.

Check out all of Jim's video on the Quickblade YouTube channel ... read more

The The Naish Alana stand up paddle board paddle delivers every element women want and need in a high performance adjustable paddle. Its unique clamp lock/groove system assures the handle and the blade stay aligned every time the paddle is adjusted. Its ultra -light 19.5 ounces handles like a dream and its combination of narrow blade and small grip diameter with a moderate ... read more

We’ve taught more kids stand up paddle boarding than we can count in the last 8 years....and the biggest challenge kids face is having a stand up paddle board paddle sized appropriately for them not only in length but in weight, shaft stiffness and blade size. The Quickblade Microfly FG/FG adjustable is designed to be the ONLY SUP paddle your kids will need until they reach their teen years. Its ultra- light weight of 15 ounces combined with its  ... read more

The Quickblade Microfly, Flyweight and Super Fly paddles are the most comprehensive range of womens specific paddles in the SUP industry. They offer varied blade s ... read more

From the first moment I heard about the Flume I knew I had to go there to train with Quickblade mad scientist Jim Terrell. I considered myself a good paddler but I came away with much improved form and performance. Now I can share everything I learned with you. He built the training flume to share his knowledge of stroke technique from 4 Olympic canoe racing championships. We work with Jim on a regular basis so we are fully knowledgeable on ever ... read more

One of the great things about Stand Up Paddling is that people of all sizes and shapes can do it. That is why it is great to see SUP companies that are making equipment that is specific to a wide range of paddlers. Jim Terrell, the mad paddle scientist at Quickblade has been at the forefront of designing to accommodate every size paddler.

The read more

We are always looking for ways to improve our stroke technique. This video clip from Quickblade is one of the most thorough and inventive that we have seen . Jim Terrell gives a great explanation on catch, stroke and release. The graphic representation of the stroke is one of the best we have seen.

Jim will be at our Midwest Stand Up Paddling Festival on July 9th. It will be a great opportunity to get stroke tips directly from the mas ... read more

The Werner Bent Shaft is a new leap in the ever evolving sport of SUP. Werner has been in the paddle business for a long time. It is a no-brainer that they would use their huge bank of knowledge from the canoe and kayak world to push the envelope with stand up paddles. Werner's bent shaft paddles result in two big improvements over traditional straight shafts. First is the reach. As you can see in the video clip, you get several inches more reach ... read more

In this video clip PaddleBoard Specialists owner Gary Stone shows us the new Quickblade Kanaha adjustable 3 piece paddle. The paddle features an extremely well-balanced lightweight design. It has an adjustment range of 8", and the full carbon construction makes it nice and light. We have lots of experience with adjustable paddles and we are really ex ... read more

Many paddlers have been caught between the choice of a comfortable touring/flatwater paddle and a racing paddle. Now, you can have the best of both worlds in one blade shape. The Werner Fuse is a new development that mixes the blade shapes of the Werner Spanker and the Werner Nitro. The new combination is a paddle that delivers a smooth and efficien ... read more

“What length?”, “What size Blade?”, “ What construction?”... These are very common questions that face everyone ready to make a new paddle purchase. We spoke with Quickblade owner and designer Jim Terrell at the Battle of the Paddle to see how QuickBlade has made it easier than ever to choose the right paddle for your needs.

In the video clip Jim explains the new read more

Werner has a long history of paddle innovation, so we were not surprised when we laid our eyes on the brand new 2011 Werner Bent Shaft Paddle. According to Werner the idea behind the bent shaft is to, “create a stable leverage point during paddling which increases comfort and control”. We have been paddling the Nitro version of the Bent shaft and really like how comfortable it is. The bend keeps your bottom wrist in a much more natural position.  ... read more

The right SUP paddle can make all the difference in comfort, efficiency and overall enjoyment on the water. We have been paddling several new models along with our usual standbys. In this video clip PaddleBoard Specialsits owner Gary Stone gives a review of three high quality paddles. We have been paddling Werner Spanker and read more

Paddleboard Specialists recently had our first chance to fully examine the Quickblade Kanaha. Right away we noticed how silky smooth this paddle pulls through the water. There is a light feeling to it. Not just the actual weight, but the combo of very low swing weight, blade design, and a little magic that make it a delight to paddle.

Unique to the read more

Here at PaddleBoard Specialists we know that a good board is only half of the equation when it comes to stand up paddling. The right paddle can make all the difference in comfort and confidence on the water. We also know that the most expensive paddle is not always the most appropriate paddle for your needs. We are all about the right paddle for the right situation in order to give you the best SUP experience.

We carry read more