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All Boards Blog Posts:
2016 BARK Vapor and 2016 FX Pro compared
Cris Rosario from Paddleboardboard Specialists compares the 2016 BARK Vapor and the 2016 SIC FX Pro.

In 2016 we are introduced to new shapes from Joe Bark via SURFTECH and Mark Raaphorst via SIC. To say these guys know what they're doing is a huge understatement. Both know more about what makes a board perform than just about anyone in the industry. So, when they decide to come out with very similar shapes in the same year, we should  ... read more
The shape of things to come?
Taken from our recent Spring News

In 2016 we are introduced to new shapes from Joe Bark via SURFTECH and Mark Raaphorst via SIC. To say these guys know what they're doing is a huge understatement. Both know more about what makes a board perform than just about anyone in the industry. So, when they decide to come out with very similar shapes in the same year, we should probably pay attention.

I first ... read more
2016 BARK Stand Up & Prone Paddleboards first look!
We've been fans of Joe Bark since his first performance SUP came out. The 2016 Vapor series, Contender Lite Pro Elite and Commander 12 light are awesome additions to one of the best performance lines of stand up paddleboards available. Gary Stone from Paddleboard Specialists and Joe Bark review the 2016 lineup and Gary shares some quick insights into the flat water performance of the new Vapor series in this clip. Expect first availability of the ... read more
SIC and Quickblade make for an awesome performance SUP combination for women
It seems like every week we get a phone call or email from another light woman that is frustrated with the performance she is able to get from her board and paddle. This is always comprised of three elements.
1. She isn't on the right board for her specific situation. (her height, weight, strength, range of water conditions she wants to paddle in)
2. She isn't paddling with a paddle that is sized properly for her in terms of blade s ... read more
Naish Javelin 12'6" x 26" and 14' x 26" GX review
For 2015 Naish has completely redesigned the Javelin series. They are flatter, have much more volume in the front of the board combined with much harder rails and a bow shape designed to prevent water from wrapping and to make it easier to get the board on plane...and keep it there. Our shop ambassadors David and Kevin have 3 races under their belt now and have 5 podium finishes in 6 possible starts including 2 1st place finishes in the 14' cla ... read more
Bark Prone Paddleboards
Paddleboard Specialists carries a full line of production prone paddleboards from Surftech. Available in Elite or AST construction, The Commander is available in 14' or 12' and the 10'6 Sprinter is available for lighter paddlers . Visit paddleboardspecialists.com or give us a call tod ... read more
2015 Starboard Race 12'6"x27.5" brushed carbon review
The Starboard RACE is a new model from Starboard for 2015. Designed to fit right between their Sprint flat water specific race board and the All Star all conditions race/tour model, the Race has a light, lively and aggressive feel on the water. It's a little nervous but also a ton of fun. In this video we review the 12'6" x 27.5" brushed carbon version. There are  ... read more
2015 RRD Air Tourer 12'x32" Lightstripe
RRD designed the Air Tour Light stripe models to be comfortable, easy and fun recreational SUP boards at a competitive price point. Their travel bag and pump are well thought out and executed, the boards paddle well and deliver an enjoyable on the water experience for recreational paddlers wanting an inflatable board. Available in 32" and 34" widths depending upo ... read more
2015 RRD Gran Turismo 12'6"x28.5"
Sometimes an SUP board comes along that surprises us. The Gran Turismo 12'6" is one of those boards. It is a really, really efficient shape. I have paddled so many boards that weigh around 32 pounds and I have never paddled one that feels as slippery and is as responsive as this one. Even with a moderate rocker nose this board is flat out quick and also quite easy to ... read more
2015 Starboard Astro Touring Zen 12'6" x 31" Inflatable SUP Review
The quality of inflatable stand up paddleboards is all over the map. Starboard's options are built to the very highest standard, include top quality accessories and have 100% quality control. They combine high pressures (18psi) for a stiff on the water feel with very low weights making them really easy to manage both in the trunk of your car and getting the board into and out of the water once inflated.

Paddleboard Specialists is the p ... read more
2015 Amundson TR-X 12'6x29" SUP Review
We've been fans of John Amundon's designs since the beginning. This is the third iteration of the 12'6" x 29" TR and TR-X series and the most versatile and capable to date. For paddlers up to 185 pounds looking for a really efficient, comfortable, easy and fast touring board for a variety of water conditions the TR series are some of the best.

Paddleboard Sp ... read more
2015 Blk Box UNO Tech Box SUP. Why is it so good?
Blk Box stand up paddleboards are made with total passion for design, construction and performance. That says it all for Blk Box designs and Blk Box owner Matt Campbell. The production versions of his awesome custom creations are much more durable and cost effective and are equipped with all the right stuff from a custom designed fin made for Blk Box by Lar ... read more
2015 Amundson TR-X 12'6" x 27" paddleboard
We've been fans of John Amundon's designs for about 5 years now. This new model is designed for the lighter to mid weight paddler looking for a really efficient, comfortable, easy and fast touring board. At 25 pounds it is also light and easy to handle off the water.

Paddleboard Specialists is the premier dealer for Amundson paddleboards. (SUP) Our dedicated staff tests every Amundson model and is thoroughly knowledgeable about their  ... read more
Starboard Elite Touring Series Paddleboard
The Elite Touring Series from Starboard is the first series of touring SUP boards designed from the ground up to deliver amazing comfort, stability and speed all in one board. With 7 sizes in 4 constructions there is sure to be a model that will be perfect for your particular situation.

Paddleboard Specialists is the premier dealer for Starboard p ... read more
Bark Dominator D2 Paddleboard
We have been fans of Joe Bark since the original Competitor came out years ago and instantly changed the SUP landscape. The D2 is the newest, fastest flat water to chop and light downwind performance paddleboard to come from Joe. Finally a lower volume narrower Dominator! This board could win a race just about anywhere in the USA! Built in Surftech's ... read more
First look at the 2015 Starboard Sprint flat water race stand up paddle board
Starboard Sprint designer Matt Rozier claims the 2015 Sprints are 5% faster and more stable than last year's narrower versions. In this video Paddleboard Specialists owner Gary Stone interviews Matt and shows you the details on these ultra cool, ultra fast flat water speed machines.

Paddleboard Specialists is the nation's premier dealer for Starboa ... read more
Blk Box Performance 14' SUP's for 2015
Are you looking for a really efficient all conditions tour/race SUP paddle board that is light and durable? The Blk Box Tech Box UNO series fits the bill with its beautifully finished full molded bamboo sandwich construction. It’s highly detailed shape delivers in flat water, chop, upwind, downwind, and crosswind while providing exceptional stability and comf ... read more
Blk Box 12'6" Performance SUP's for 2015
Are you looking for a really efficient all conditions tour/race SUP paddle board that is light and durable? The Blk Box Tech Box UNO 12'6" series fits the bill with its beautifully finished full molded bamboo sandwich construction. It’s highly detailed shape delivers in flat water, chop, upwind, downwind, and crosswind while providing exceptional stability an ... read more
Comparing the 2015 Starboard Race & All Star stand up paddle board (SUP) models
Paddleboard Specialists owner Gary Stone shares his experiences testing the newest Starboard All Star and Race models at the Starboard international dealers meeting September, 2014. Participating in the meeting allows us access to the full variety of boards in Starboard's 2015 lineup and to test them side by side while learning the small details about each o ... read more
Black Box Sidewinder
The Blk Box Sidewinder is the Ferrari of inland lakes race and tour SUP boards. Its full carbon construction, ultra lean entry and subtly rounded bottom deliver a super - fast and super quite ride while its relatively wide tail and parallel rails allow you to count up to 40 strokes per side with excellent stroke technique. And the acceleration is effortless! The Sidewinder is also very responsive to foot steering so in flat to light chop conditi ... read more
SIC X14 x 28.5” SCC 2014 Paddleboard Review
The 2014 X14 SCC paddle board is a slightly scaled down version of the 2013 model. Now 28.5” wide and 280 liters vs 29.5” wide and 296 liters last year the size of this board is aimed at the core size range of paddlers looking for a really efficient touring/racing SUP design to use in a wide range of conditions from flat water to moderate chop. The X14 is a perfect fit for anyone wanting a really efficient shape that turns stroke effort into spee ... read more
SIC X12 Pro 2014 SUP Review
The SIC X12 Pro paddle board has a very compact responsive, alive feel. It surges forward with each stroke and glides beautifully. I love the shape of its cockpit so I can brace my feet in rougher water and feel the edges of the board as well. As you hop back the X12 Pro maintains its comfort and responds quickly to weighting the tail for a quick turn at the mark. Also a great design for a lighter paddler looking for an efficient touring SUP shap ... read more
Blk Box UNO all condtions tour/race paddleboard
Are you looking for a really efficient all conditions tour/race SUP paddle board that is custom built? The Blk Box UNO fits the bill with its beautifully finished full carbon construction. It’s highly detailed shape delivers in flat water, chop, upwind, downwind, and crosswind while providing exceptional stability and comfort. Available in 12’6” x 26.25, 12’6” ... read more
SIC Bullet 14 V2 stand up paddleboard downwind performance on an inland lake
The Bullet 14V2 is SIC’s newest creation. It has a much more gentle rocker line combined with a wide point further forward than the original Bullet 14’ that works beautifully on inland lakes wind driven swell conditions.

SIC designer Mark Raaphorst lives and breathes stand up paddle board design on Maui. With over 20 years of experience shaping surfboards, windsurfers and now for the past 10 years stand up paddle boards, Mark is one o ... read more
Joe Bark 12’6” Contender & Appleby Pro Elite
Joe Bark is one of the best stand up paddle board shapers out there and these newest 12’6” shapes illustrate once again why Joe’s shapes are so popular world - wide. With narrower widths and lower volumes these boards are best suited to mid to lighter weight riders. On paper they appear very similar but they are quite a bit different in character. Enjoy this video review by Paddleboard Specialists and you’ll understand the differences between th ... read more
2014 Starboard All Star Series SUP paddleboards
The Starboard All Star series stand up paddle boards have been substantially upgraded for the 2014 season. New volume distribution allows these SUPs to stay really flat on the water improving their glide, a narrower spoon style entry in the nose has improved their upwind and cross wind performance while a more subtle rocker line has improved their versatility. The All Stars are ava ... read more
2014 SIC X 14 series SUP paddleboards
With the introduction of the latest SIC 14’ X series flat water touring/race models you will find boards that perform to the highest level. We were able to test the only production X 14 series boards in the country the day before Battle of the Paddle California. The X14 (14 x 28.5”, 285 liters) is available in SCC and TWCC constructions while the X14 Pro (14’ x 26”, 253 liters) is avail ... read more
2014 Amundson TRX 14 SUP revealed
I have been a fan of John Amundson’s stand up paddle board shapes for quite some time now so I was especially anxious to ride his new 14’ x 28” race/tour SUP for next season. This new model still has a very high degree of stability for its size. The rocker line has been flattened and the entry has been modified creating a board with a very slippery feel when paddling quickly combined with a beautiful glide This is a combination that in the past  ... read more
New 2014 Surftech Joe Bark Candice Pro Elite
I am always excited to test Joe Bark’s new models because they are always great performers. The new Candice Pro Elite 12’6” x 27” is no exception. With a 1” narrower wide point and substantially narrower entry to midpoint outline the new Candice is super slippery feeling, accelerates like mad and is very responsive. This combined with significantly lower volume than last year makes this new 12’6” race model ideal for paddlers under 170 pounds. Be ... read more
SIC X-14 SUP Semi custom carbon review
When you test as many boards as we do one quickly finds that many are not very memorable. The opposite is true with the SIC X14 in the semi carbon custom construction. Super high stability combined with awesome acceleration, glide and tracking in flat to moderately choppy water. It is a fairly wide board at 29.5” with 296 liters of volume and is best s ... read more
SIC X-12 SCC Tour/Race 12’6” x 28”
The more we paddle the SIC X-12'6 scc the more we like it. Its combination of speed, glide and maneuverability in flat water are at the top of its class. It feels like it has a bit less volume than their stated specification and is best for a paddler under 160 though acceptable for paddlers up to 180 pounds. Two days after we finished the video I h ... read more
Amundson Source 11'6" Review
The Amundson Source 11'6" x 32" is a well- executed all water design. It has a unique combination of stability, glide and tracking rarely found in an all water design. Whether you want to take your dog, do SUP Yoga, or go for a sunset paddle with one of your kids on board that Source paddles beautifully. Its thermally molded AST construction strikes the perfect balance of light weight with performance and durability.

For more info on o ... read more
Amundson Cross 11'0" Review
The Amundson Cross 11’ is a true crossover design. Unlike many all-around SUP boards its straighter rails and wider square tail combined with a more subtle rocker profile allow the Cross to be a delightful flat water tourer, SUP yoga master and fun board to play on. It also is an ideal first entry into small surf.

For more info on our entire line of Amundson SUPs give us a call at 1-877-473-1199, email us at info@paddleboardspecialist ... read more
Blk Box at the Carolina Cup
Blk Box race boards are for the serious racing enthusiast. . They are unbelievably slippery, surge forward with every stroke, are awesome upwind, downwind and crosswind. Hand crafted in Michigan to precision tolerances and available in three all carbon configurations and in 27 and 28” widths with square tail outline. The Carolina Cup was where I raced mine for the first time and I beat my personal best by a substantial margin. Can’t wait to rac ... read more
Starboard Touring 14’ Review
The Starboard 14’ Touring is a performance touring board with very high stability for paddlers up to 250 pounds. It has plenty of load capacity front and rear with its 10 tie down points and handles a wide range of water conditions with ease. In this review Starboard designer Brian Syzmanski reviews the details of its shape and its features are reviewed as well. Paddleboard Specialists stocks the full size range of Starboard Touring models in bot ... read more
2013 Starboard 14' All Star vs the 14' Sprint
The newest Starboard race boards have gone through an evolutionary transition for 2013 making them faster, more stable and more finely tuned to various conditions. Paddleboard Specialists owner Gary Stone spent a weekend with Starboard designer Brian Syzmanski thoroughly testing the new models. Enjoy the commentary from Brian in this video clip. Paddleboard Specialists has the full range of 14’ All Star and Sprint race boards in stock for immedia ... read more
Blk Box Carbon Race SUP boards
Looking for an Ultra-fast race SUP board? Blk Box designer Matt Campbell has the answer. His design won the 2012 Midwest SUP race series. Blk Box eps blanks are precision CNC cut, finish shaped by Matt himself then laminated by his superb staff. Blk Box is the only SUP manufacturer to offer Spread Tow carbon on their boards, a super high end carbon ½ the weight of standard 3K carbon and 5 times stronger. (Spread Tow carbon is used in the flat lam ... read more
Naish 12’6” Inflatable The ONE review
We’ve tested quite a few inflatable boards now and this is the first one we have tried that has a true touring shape and qualities. It combines speed, glide and tracking in a compact easy to inflate package. After over 10 hours of testing from flat water to wind chop we whole heartedly give this board a high rating. In this video Paddleboard Specialists owner Gary Stone reviews all the details of this model.

For more info on our enti ... read more
Starboard All Star 14' x 26" brushed carbon
After over 5 hours of testing in conditions from dead flat to a 7.5 mile downwind run with wind gusting to 20 knots I know this board well. In quite flat conditions it is surprisingly fast for an all conditions race board though it does not have the glide of the best flat water boards I compared it to. (Very close in speed to a Bark Dominator in our sprint comparison runs) Upwind it flies…something about the nose shape manages the chop really wel ... read more
Starboard Touring 12'6" x 30" wood
Starboard has done an excellent job creating a new design with all the elements a touring paddler wants. Light weight, lots of tie down points, excellent glide and tracking as well as good maneuverability and stability through a broad range of water conditions. This board is available in 12'6" x 29" width as well and in a 14' x 30" version too. Paddleboard Specialists owner Gary Stone reviews all the details of the 2013 Starboard 12'6" x 30" woo ... read more
Amundson TRX 14' Review
After months of anticipation we finally got to give the Amundson TRX 14 carbon a serious workout. The board is amazingly stiff with no flex whatsoever and delivers excellent tracking, better than a majority of 14’s we have tried. It’s moderate rocker line gives up just a touch in flat water speed but the board handles very well through a broad range of water conditions making it a board worthy of consideration for touring and all water racing. In ... read more
Joe Bark Interview: Phantom 14'
We've been fans of Joe Bark's designs for quite some time now, so when we heard a new Bark 14' hollow carbon race board was going to be available to test at the Outdoor Retailer trade show we could not wait! Gary arrived early at the Surftech booth at the on water demo day to find the board was still in the box but the Surftech team set it up for him so he was the first one to ride it! In a nutshell, this board RIPS. It is the most slippery Bark ... read more
Amundson 2013 TR-X2 12'6" Review
Last fall we heard that Jon Amundson was working on a replacement for the TR-X model in his lineup. We’ve been testing a custom prototype of the new TR-X2 model since last October. When we got our hands on a production board we got really excited. This board is one of the nicest touring/recreational boards we have ever had the pleasure of paddling. Paddleboard Specialists owner Gary Stone reviews all the details of the 2013 TR-X2 in this video c ... read more
2012 Naish Nalu 10'10" Review
The Naish Nalu 10’10” is a departure from other all water boards we have tested. We admit when we first saw it we were skeptical. To our surprise the Nalu works fantastically well. The concaves keep the board tracking straighter than any other all water board we have tested while maintaining maneuverability for small to medium wave riding and turns in flat to choppy water…. all in a super stable 32” package that works great for a wide range of  ... read more
2012 Surftech Bark/Laird
Bark touring and racing boards have been our go to boards for lake, bay and open ocean paddling for a year and a half now so we were really excited to get Joe's latest production offering on the water. It didn't disappoint by delivering classic butter smooth Bark glide, exceptional tracking and impressive stability. Check out the board close up and enjoy the commentary of our test team. In these clips the full Paddleboard Specialists tes ... read more
2012 Naish 14' Glide
Meet the new Naish Glide 14'. This board is the ultimate weapon for downwind runs. In this clip PaddleBoard Specialists owner Gary Stone goes over all the details of the new Glide design for 2012.

Also, check out the clip from PaddleBoard Specialists Cris Rosario, who compares last year's Naish Glide to the all new 2012 model.

For more info on our entire line of Naish boards give us a call at 1-877-473-1199 or visit  ... read more
2012 Surftech Bark Series
Take one part Laird Hamilton, one part Joe Bark and you have a concoction for great Stand Up Paddle boards. The new Surftech/Bark lineup for 2012 was one of the highlights of the Outdoor Retailer show this year. We caught up with Joe in this video and test paddled every new Bark for 2012. The new Laird collaboration is made for larger paddlers who want the same stability and speed of the Dominator and Competitor models. Surftech did a great job w ... read more
2012 Amundson Aquaglide TR 11'4"
Debbie Garten of Paddleboard Specialists tests the new Amundson Aquaglide TR 11'4". This is a great board for paddlers 150lbs. and under who are looking for a board to tour flatwater or catch bumps going downwind. It is sized perfectly for smaller paddlers but still has a high degree of performance. At 27 lbs. it is nice and manageable for smaller paddlers to transport. Check out the video to hear all the details from Debbie and Paddleboard Speci ... read more
Starboard Blend 11'2" x 30" vs Amundson Aquaglide 11'3" x 29"
In our continuing series of posts on all-water boards we compare the Amundson 11'3" with the Starboard Blend 11'2". The Amundson is one of our favorite beginner boards with it's nice glide, tracking, light weight and solid feel in the water. The Sta ... read more
Starboard Atlas 12' vs. Surftech Universal 11'6"
If you're a larger paddler and are looking for a super stable board, we have many options at our shop. Two of our favorites for big paddlers are the Starboard Atlas and the Surftech Universal. Both of these boards are wide, stable and still have e ... read more


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