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Paddling Stories Blog Posts:
This just gets us excited for the upcoming season. Shot on location at the 2016 Carolina Cup.

We'll be there again this year. Hope to see you all there. ... read more

SNEAK PEEK: Cris gives us a look at a prototype of JP Australia's **2017** 12' x 32.5" Outback. With plenty of width throughout, lots of volume, and some key attachment features, this shape makes an excellent day cruiser or fishing board. Super stable (for those sidearm casts) with a deep cutting nose, it paddles like butta' while feeling rock solid under your feet. There are mounting slots for a pole rack, front and rear rigging points for ge ... read more

AUGUST 6, 2016 - Midwest Standup Paddle Festival! Cris and Kevin try their best to stay on topic and explain the Super Lap format of this year's 6 mile race at the Midwest Standup Paddle Festival. For more information on the event, and to register, visit http://www.paddleboardspecialists.com/info_events.asp?id=102 ... read more

Take it from the pros, we've got you covered.

Shot on location in Wrightsville Beach, NC at the 2016 Carolina Cup.

Big thanks to
Titouan Puyo - 1st place 2016
Carolina Cup (men's and overall)
Danny Ching - 3rd place 2016 Carolina Cup (men's and overall)
Sonni Hönscheid - 3rd place 2016 Carolina Cup (women's)
Zane Kekoa Schweitzer - Champion, 2016 Ultimate Waterman
Jeramie Vaine - SUP yogi extraord ... read more

Here at Paddleboard Specialists we can’t get enough of SUP. We find ourselves traveling a ton with inflatable SUP stand up paddle boards and wanted to experience a primitive trip by paddle board. We chose Alaska’s Noatak river for its remote location, spectacular expansive river valleys, abundance of wildlife including grizzly bears, dall sheep, musk ox, a salmon run in the river and more. We want to thank our guides Ken and Jeff and the rest of  ... read more

Think you're too old to try Stand Up Paddling? We have a feeling this video may help you reconsider. Thanks to our friend Virginia for showing us that SUP really is for everyone.

We would love to help you get on the water, no matter what skill level, age or athletic ability. Give us a call today at 1-877-473-1199 or visit paddleboardspecialists.com. ... read more

We had the wonderful opportunity to paddle with two of our great customers this week. Cindy and Brad little came down from Duluth, MN to pick up a new board. PaddleBoard Specialists owner Gary Stone took both Brad and Cindy out for a nice morning paddle and gave some tips on paddling technique. We are always so grateful to have such loyal and dedicated customers. Thanks Cindy and Brad!

For info on our entire line of stand up paddle boa ... read more

It's not everyday that Madison, Wisconsin has a Stand Up Paddle pro navigating it's waters. Especially when it is January and the air temperature is only 26. The chilly conditions did not stop Paddleboard Specialists owner Gary Stone and Connor Baxter from venturing out on Madison's Yahara River. Connor is a longtime family friend of Gary's and was in town for the Holidays. Gary could not pass up the opportunity to paddle with Connor, so they mad ... read more

PaddleBoard Specialists had the priveledge of interviewing Kevin Vangritis. Kevin recently purchased a 14’ Double Carbon Bark from us, and raced it in the 3rd Annual Cold Stroke Classic held in Wrightsville Beach N.C. Kevin finished 1st in his division and had the second fastest time overall. In the following conversation, Kevin tells us about his passion for SUP and some of his impressions of his new BARK.

PBS: How long have you be ... read more

We're stoked about our exclusive interview with filmmaker Ran Kalif. Below Ran gives us the lowdown on the SUP scene in Israel, along with some great footage of some of the great SUP waveriders coming out of Israel.

Can you tell us your background in SUP?
I used to surf when I was a kid, we lived by the sea and it was part of my early days. Everyday after school we used to hang out at the local spot and always found something ... read more

We call Madison, WI home. And as owner Gary Stone says in this clip, “Madison is surrounded by water.” Which makes it a perfect place for the largest selection of SUPs in the country. Whether you are a flatwater racer, beginning recreational paddler or a wave fanatic, we have you covered. Not only do we have the largest selection of boards, but we pride ourselves on knowing every product we sell inside and out. This gives us the abili ... read more

Now that summer is finally here, our Wisconsin waters are primed for paddling. This week we started our morning training paddles. Our plan is to meet on Wednesday mornings for a group paddle. Many of us already solo paddle daily or every other day, but there is something special about sharing the experience with others. There is also a good chance that an impromptu race will start up to see who has been practicing. Mostly it is just a good opport ... read more

Imagine yourself holding your hand out of a car window on a nice warm day. If you turn your hand perpendicular to the ground, you slice through the wind. This is similar to a displacement hull. If you turn it parallel to the ground the wind lifts your hand in the air, and you feel a lot more resistance. This is similar to a planing hull.

Whether or not you get a displacement hull or a planing hull can be one of the biggest considerati ... read more

Madison is ripe for a huge stand up boom, and we are ready. Our showroom is stocked with boards, paddles, and all gear you need to get on the water. Our sales staff lives our motto of “passion, knowledge and service”. We are here to get you outfitted with the right board and paddle for your situation. Whether you are a beginner, read more

Ok . . . so it’s not the Maliko Gulch. But as Jerry Lopez says, “Surf is Where You Find It”, and we've found it in our own back yard. Lake Mendota, Madison, Wisconsin to be exact. When 35 mph gusts have cleared our 9,740 acre lake of recreational boaters and fisherman, we know it’s on.

In the past month we've had some great runs across our hometown waters. It's a thrilling and fresh way to enjoy our unsalted treasures. We s ... read more

PaddleBoard Specialists very own Gary Stone was featured on the Stand Up Paddle Radio show on April 15th. Gary talked with hosts Jeff Archer and Leslie Kolovich about the paddling scene in Madison, WI and his recent paddling trip to Maui. They also introduced our Paddle for the Polar Bears challenge series.

We were also stoked to hear read more

The weather is warming up and our warehouse is filling up. We just received a huge shipment of stand up paddleboards and more are on the way. This week we received our 2010 Starboard, Surftech, Hobie, Amundson / Aquaglide, read more

On Saturday a couple of us decided to head out to the Cherokee Marsh, just blocks from our shop. We were out testing some new adjustable stand up paddles, from QuickBlade and Werner. We were surrounded by warm sun, migrating water fowl and good amounts of ice cover. Our boards had to punch through the a very thin  ... read more

Twenty yards to the west little Olympic hopefuls played pond hockey, while to the east fishing shanties dotted the white abyss. We on the other hand had our eyes pointed towards warmer pursuits. Spring is at the tip of our tongues. We could not wait to hit the water, even if most of it was still in solid state. Joggers and cyclists gawked as we paddled down the Yahara river in Madison, WI. It was sunny and warm (relatively), and it felt great. < ... read more

Here at Paddleboard Specialists we can’t imagine what a bummer it would be to receive a board that you purchased, only to find that it was damaged during shipping. That's why we've adopted the same technique that we have used in our windsurf business to make sure your board is ready to hit the water as soon as it arrives.
 ... read more

We've spent the last couple of months making sure we have the perfect quiver of boards, paddles and accessories to meet the needs of every paddler. From beginners and families to hardcore racers and wave junkies we’ve got the right prescription to get you on the water.

We pride ourselves on service, experience and passion for SUP. We have over twenty-five years of customer-focused expertise in getting everyone on the water. Our pa ... read more

Last summer we took several trips down the Wisconsin River. The stretch just west of our shop is a hidden gem in the Midwest. Below the dam that forms Lake Wisconsin is a section from Sauk City all the way to the Mississippi. Most of it is undeveloped and too shallow for pleasure boaters. The waterway is peppered with sandbars, beautiful rock walls and surrounded by the rolling Wisconsin landscape. We took several beginners and few seasoned paddl ... read more