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Good Morning
Now that summer is finally here, our Wisconsin waters are primed for paddling. This week we started our morning training paddles. Our plan is to meet on Wednesday mornings for a group paddle. Many of us already solo paddle daily or every other day, but there is something special about sharing the experience with others. There is also a good chance that an impromptu race will start up to see who has been practicing. Mostly it is just a good opportunity to meet new paddlers and catch up with others that are as excited about stand up as we are.

Last Wednesday four of us set our for a good hour and half run along the north west shore of Lake Mendota. Mornings are amazing for stand up because the water is calm after a long night's rest, and the wildlife has not yet been scared off by pleasure boaters. We had a nice little surprise of some wind at our back on the last leg of our route. Even on bumps that were barely ankle biting, we enjoyed some mellow little pushes. These little swells are perfect for beginners to learn about reading the water and figuring out when to give a few quick strokes to catch a glide.

Being in a group also lets us watch everyone's stroke technique and standing position. All of us want to go faster and sometimes the only way to do that is to have a friend watch your stroke and point out the little things that you cannot see yourself. We have found that we learn something new every time we are on the water. And paddling with a group only increases the knowledge you take in.

If you are in the Madison or Milwaukee area, or find yourself visiting our beautiful city of Madison, we would love to have you join us. The plan is to paddle every Wednesday morning. Contact Gary Stone directly at (608) 849-0600 or email info@paddleboardspecialists.com for exact times and locations. If you do not have your own board we would be more than happy to provide everything you need (board, paddle, leash and pfd) for $15.