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Boards for Beginners
In the last week we have had two clinics at Lake Wingra in Madison, WI. Conditions were not ideal for first-timers with the winds sweeping across the lake. Wind aside, we taught over 50 new paddlers and not one person got wet. Well, one 6-year old boy went in up to his knees, but we think that might have been out of curiosity. The new tribe of paddlers ranged in age from 6 to 60. All but a few had never been on a stand up board. Some had never even heard of stand up paddling until they saw that the demo was happening in the park. Curious paddlers from as far as Chicago and Milwaukee were in Madison for test drive on our new line up of beginner boards.

These demos were a good test for our beginner board lineup. The stability in the new boards is fantastic. They give a new paddler exactly what we want to provide, a comfortable, dry and fun first experience. The boards we have been using for beginners are our Peter Pan designed Bic 114, the Surftech Randy French Softtop Series and the Aquaglide Amundson series.

There are a few qualities that all of our beginner demo models share. They are very stable, they have a comfortable deck pad, and their price points are great for someone making their first investment into paddling. Their shapes are primarily geared towards having fun. Whether it is going for a paddle with friends and family, playing in the surf, or just taking a leisurely solo paddle.

The boards also have some differences that may help beginners decide on which model is a more fitting first choice. Starting with the Bic 114 ACS, a great value. Make it a package and your looking at everything you need to start paddling for under $1000 including shipping. Packages include the board, a leash, paddle cover, and a paddle. You can choose between an aluminum adjustable paddle that the whole family can use or for a small amount more a composite adjustable paddle. The Bic is built to last. It is made of Ultra durable polyethylene / urethane foam construction yet weighs only 34 pounds . It is perfect to have at the cabin or to let the kids go crazy on. Just because it is low on the price range, does not mean it is low on performance. The shape is geared a little more towards a surf shape, but after testing it ourselves we were impressed with its flat water performance.

The Surftech Randy French Softop Series takes the advantage of the Surftech bank of shaping knowledge and applies it to a construction and price that suits beginners. These boards are very stable. Beginners up to 240 lbs at our demos had no problem standing right up and keeping their feet dry on the 116 model. They are available in both 106 and 116. The 106 works well for light and moderate weight paddlers or larger paddlers with intermediate skills. The 116 is good for beginners and larger paddlers who need the extra bit of stability. The shapes are great for those who would not only like to paddle flat water but who are looking to start catching some waves. The Surftechs are also available as packages with an adjustable paddle from $1099 including shipping.

The Amundson Aquaglide series takes the beginner board to a more all round performance level. We loved last years Aquaglide board and this year they stepped it up with two shapes available, the 11'3" and the 11'6". The 113 has a wide footprint which provides great stability, while slightly less volume and subtle rail shaping keep the board light and maneuverable. Epoxy ASA construction is light and durable. The 11'3" weighs only 26 pounds! The color on this board is also a nice new touch. The bottom is a deep purple that looks a super sleek. The 116 is a full volume board that can handle larger paddlers and is ready for flat water cruising or nice long peelers. The tail rocker makes catching waves even little waves a breeze. This is a great option for someone exploring all types of paddling conditions. As a package the Amundson's come with the option of the aluminum adjustable paddle kit, composite adjustable paddle kt, or the Quickblade Kanaha FG paddle kit.

For a personal recommendation on which beginner board is right for you, give us a call at 1-877-473-1199. And to see all of our beginner boards and packages visit paddleboardspecialists.com.