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Our weapons of choice, the Naish Glides
Down-winding Midwest
Ok . . . so it’s not the Maliko Gulch. But as Jerry Lopez says, “Surf is Where You Find It”, and we've found it in our own back yard. Lake Mendota, Madison, Wisconsin to be exact. When 35 mph gusts have cleared our 9,740 acre lake of recreational boaters and fisherman, we know it’s on.

In the past month we've had some great runs across our hometown waters. It's a thrilling and fresh way to enjoy our unsalted treasures. We shuttle our boards and gear to the take off point, after leaving one vehicle at our destination. This gives us a straight shot with the wind solidly at our backs. We learned our lesson early when trying to go across the wind or even against it, a workout like no other.

When the conditions are just right, the rides we're getting are a blast. We've done this on both Naish 14’ Glides and the Surftech Joe Bark Expedition 14' boards. The Bark is nice and stable, but if you have the balance to handle the Naish Glides, they're rockets. Every time we go out we learn more about reading every little swell that picks up the back of our boards. It seems like a natural tendency to want to paddle hard and dig deep to get your speed up. But Connor Baxter shared some great insights with us on the more efficient way to do it - quick little strokes. Just a few and the board is jumping into autopilot. The sensation when the wave takes you is a welcome friend to a surfer and an epiphany to a newbie.

After getting comfortable riding the little swells, we've started connecting them, giving us really nice long glides. These are not big spaced out ocean swells, these little guys come quick and often. The experience lies somewhere between surfing and white water kayaking. It's like riding an endless wave pool across the lake. Not only is it fun, but it's an amazing workout. Our chilly 55 degree waters offer a nice way to cool off mid-paddle.

There's a very zen-like feeling when taking a rest in the middle of the lake and looking out to see that you're all alone, except for your fellow paddlers, on such a beautiful mass of water. It's just another reminder of how paddleboarding has given us more and more opportunities to get out and enjoy our lakes. Down-winding across the lake might not happen everyday, but that just leaves room for nice peaceful paddles with friends and family, or the chance to generate your own speed at a race. No matter what, there are always opportunities to enjoy the lake standing up.

For more specifics on the Naish Glide series of Stand Up Paddle Boards visit paddleboardspecialists.com or give us a call at 1-877-473-1199.