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The shape of things to come?
Taken from our recent Spring News

In 2016 we are introduced to new shapes from Joe Bark via SURFTECH and Mark Raaphorst via SIC. To say these guys know what they're doing is a huge understatement. Both know more about what makes a board perform than just about anyone in the industry. So, when they decide to come out with very similar shapes in the same year, we should probably pay attention.

I first paddled the FX and the Vapor at SurfEXPO in Orlando and right away I could tell I was on something different. When paddlers ask, I tell them…"they're the right boards, for the right conditions and the right paddlers". I know, I know, you can say that about any board. Let me explain.

On a typical "hybrid" hull design you begin to paddle and the boundary layer of water begins to build. You can hear it splash a bit as you begin to move through the water. This causes the nose of the board to rise and the tail to sink a bit …not exactly the best position for the board to be travelling through the water. Now increase your cadence on these boards and magic happens. At some point (based on cadence, paddler weight and board volume), the water is "released" and it moves under the board creating lift in the tail and you obtain the boards optimal position in the water. These boards are great for paddling in conditions where you just don't know what your going to face. So if you are the paddler that goes from the back bay to open water conditions to downwind all in the same run…then the SIC FX and the Bark Vapor may be for you.

I know we are splitting hairs a bit on some of this stuff, but it's great to see the industry moving things forward. Please always feel free to drop us a line and agree or disagree, a healthy debate is always a good thing.

All the best,