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SIC and Quickblade make for an awesome performance SUP combination for women
It seems like every week we get a phone call or email from another light woman that is frustrated with the performance she is able to get from her board and paddle. This is always comprised of three elements.
1. She isn't on the right board for her specific situation. (her height, weight, strength, range of water conditions she wants to paddle in)
2. She isn't paddling with a paddle that is sized properly for her in terms of blade size, shaft stiffness, shaft diameter and length.
3. She needs some coaching with her stroke to help her improve her speed, glide and tracking.

Paddleboard Specialists of Waunakee, Wisconsin runs the largest performance sup demo center in the midwest with boards from Amundson, Blk Box, Bark, Naish, Quickblade, Sic and Starboard models available to test. Follow our client Sara through her demo center experience with Paddleboard Specialists owner Gary Stone. Her smile is infectious!

Paddleboard Specialists is the Midwest's premier dealer for stand up paddle boards. (SUP) We have a dedicated staff that tests every model we offer is thoroughly knowledgeable about their performance. We offer the largest selection of in stock stand up paddle boards in the United States along with an incredibly passionate, knowledgeable and customer service oriented team. Get in touch with our team for a personal consult about which boards would be a proper fit for your specific desires.