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QuickBlade Kahana
Quickblade Kanaha StandUp Paddle
Paddleboard Specialists recently had our first chance to fully examine the Quickblade Kanaha. Right away we noticed how silky smooth this paddle pulls through the water. There is a light feeling to it. Not just the actual weight, but the combo of very low swing weight, blade design, and a little magic that make it a delight to paddle.

Unique to the Quickblade paddles is the soft EVA covered carbon grip. It feels great in your top hand and makes for a good comfortable day on the water. The Kahana adjustable features an easy adjustment system with 8 of range. The one little hang up we have with the adjustable is that there is a tiny bit of play around the push-pin. This allows it to wiggle a bit. We would like to see it tighter, but we are very picky. We anticipate a majority of paddlers won't notice it when paddling .

Paddleboard Specialists offers the Kahana in both one-piece and adjustable. Both are full carbon and built to last. Give us a call or email and we can help you decide whether or not the QuickBlade Kahana is the right paddle for you.