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2010 Paddle Lineup
Our 2010 Paddle Quiver
Here at PaddleBoard Specialists we know that a good board is only half of the equation when it comes to stand up paddling. The right paddle can make all the difference in comfort and confidence on the water. We also know that the most expensive paddle is not always the most appropriate paddle for your needs. We are all about the right paddle for the right situation in order to give you the best SUP experience.

We carry one-piece and adjustable paddles. Our one-piece paddles are great for waves, racing, down-winders, fitness or a nice tour around the lake. Our adjustable paddles are perfect for use by multiple paddlers and conditions. They are an excellent choice for a family, camp, or rental business. Adjustables are also very handy when inviting a friend out for a paddle.

Our paddle quiver includes Werner, Sawyer, QuickBlade, Kialoa, Aquaglide, and plenty of accessories to keep your paddle performing and looking good. Speaking of looks, the plain black paddle is no longer your only choice. Werner and QuickBlade have opened the doors to a vibrant selection of colors. And our Sawyer paddles beautifully use wood to contrast black carbon. One of our favorite wood/carbon paddles is the Sawyer Quickdraw Comfort. It was designed by Paddleboard Specialist owner Gary Stone and itís one of our favorites: adjustable, light, stiff and super comfortable.

Choosing the right paddle can be intimidating to a first-timer and crucial to a seasoned racer or wave rider. Give us a call at 1-877-473-1199 or email us at info@paddleboardspecialists.com. Let us prescribe the best paddle from our 2010 line up. We have paddled them all.