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Breaking the Ice
Breaking the Ice on our 2010 Paddling season
Twenty yards to the west little Olympic hopefuls played pond hockey, while to the east fishing shanties dotted the white abyss. We on the other hand had our eyes pointed towards warmer pursuits. Spring is at the tip of our tongues. We could not wait to hit the water, even if most of it was still in solid state. Joggers and cyclists gawked as we paddled down the Yahara river in Madison, WI. It was sunny and warm (relatively), and it felt great.

Saturday was our first trip locally in a little over a month, and just like riding a bike it all came back. The fun, fitness, and oneness with the water that only StandUp can give. The first taste was great, and now we are hungry.

So much to look forward to for this year: local paddling races, expeditions in the Boundary Waters, waves on the Great Lakes, down-winders in Maui, teaching a whole new tribe of Midwest paddlers. And so many new waters to discover as Mother Nature releases them from frozen slumber. Let it begin.